4th Dragoons : Crimean Casualties

The following has been extracted from the "Casualty Roll for the Crimea" compiled by Frank & Andrea Cook.
The entries in this book were compiled from despatches published in the London Gazette of 1854 and 1855.

The 4th Dragoons feature only slightly in this book which only reports on casualties following certain action ; casualties owing to sickness are not listed.

1. The Action at Balaclava (Oct 25th 1854).

a) Casualties :

Name                   Rank        Casualty     Name                Rank          Casualty
Halkett J.T.D          Major        Killed      Heron Dennis        Corpl.        W/Sl
Sparke H.A             Lieut        Killed      Armes Thomas        Pte.          W/Sl
Herbert Francis        T/S/M        Killed      Bradley Edward      Pte.          W/Sl
Campbell Edward        Sergt.       Killed      Carrol Peter        Pte.          W/Sl
Lynch Richard          Sergt.       Killed      Carter Joseph       Pte.          W/Sl
Spence Henry           Corpl.       Killed      Croydon George      Pte.          W/Sl
Burns Thomas           Trmptr       Killed      Devlin James        Pte.          W/Sv
Lovelock Edward        Trmptr       Killed      Downing Frederick   Pte.          W/Sl
Donaldson James        Pte.         Killed      Gosbell Joseph      Pte.          W/Sv
Haxhall Daniel         Pte.         Killed      Gray John           Pte.          W/Sl
Hulton Thomas          Pte.         Killed      Herbert Thomas      Pte.          W/Sl
Marshall Charles       Pte.         Killed      Hughes John         Pte.          W/Sl
Moody Thomas           Pte.         Killed      Jones William       Pte.          W/Sl
Phelan Michael         Pte.         Killed      Keenan William      Pte.          W/Sl
Robinson George        Pte.         Killed      Olley James         Pte.          W/Sl
Swan George            Pte.         Killed      Phillips Joseph     Pte.          W/Sl
Tomset Thomas          Pte.         Killed      Rogers Thomas       Pte.          W/Sl
Waight Charles         Pte.         Killed      Sutcliffe William   Pte.          W/Sl
Brown G.J.             Capt.        W/Sv        Thorne William      Pte.          W/Sl
Hutton Thomas          Capt.        W/Sv        Tyler James         Pte.          W/Sl
Jennings Henry         T/S/M        W/Sl        Whitby Joseph       Pte.          W/Sl

b) Taken prisoner by the Russians during the battle (those wounded are indicated)  :

Name                   Rank         Casualty    Name                Rank          Casualty
Fowler William         T/S/M        Wound       Fletcher Thomas     Pte.          Wound
Thomas William         Corpl.       Wound       Frederick Charles   Pte.
Armstrong Joseph       Corpl.                   King Thomas         Pte.
Carwford Hugh          Trmptr                   Linser Thomas       Pte.          Wound
Bagshaw James          Pte.                     Lucas Thomas        Pte.          Wound
Bolton James           Pte.                     Normoyle James      Pte.          Wound
Boxhall James          Pte.         Wound       O'Brien Michael     Pte.
Farquharson Robert     Pte,                     Parks Samuel        Pte.

2. The Battle of Inkermann (5th Nov 1854)

No.   Name             Rank         Casualty    No.  Name           Rank          Casualty
1065  Rickman James    Pte.         Killed      1130 Gillan David   Pte.          Wounded
1526  Wholman Charles  Pte.         Killed

Key :

W/Sv = Wounded, severely
W/Sl = Wounded slightly

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